Somewhere along the La Verkin Trail in Zion National Park, UT

Hawaii’s Wisdom

I overheard a local dad talking to his young son as they walked about on the rocks by the ocean. The boy was probably 6 or 7, still quite small, and needed his fathers direction to get around the terrain. “Move slow,” he said. “Take time. That’s how you see the magic.” I got thisContinue reading “Hawaii’s Wisdom”

Hawaii || August 2019

Hawaii is one of the places that seems to be on everyone’s travel bucket lists. Black sand beaches, dense green jungles, lush mountains, volcanoes, surfing! The list of beautiful things to do and see goes on and on. I haven’t heard of anyone going to Hawaii and coming back with an underwhelming response to theContinue reading “Hawaii || August 2019”

Gobble Gobble, Bitches….Yeah!

An Introduction to the Highlining Community I mean, look….was this highline gathering the coolest thing I’ve ever seen? I think perhaps, yes. Yes, it was..How does one explain highlining? I guess we gotta start with slacklining first. Slacklining is a strange and unique sport. It looks like tight rope walking, and I suppose that’s whatContinue reading “Gobble Gobble, Bitches….Yeah!”

UTAH || Mt. Superior: 11,132 ft.

Hiking the South Ridge of Superior “Mountains function as metaphorical and symbolic space. There is no more geographical equivalent to the idea of arrival and triumph than the topmost peak beyond which there is no further to go.”-Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust: a History of Walking Finally did the South Ridge of Superior. What a spectacular exhilaratingContinue reading “UTAH || Mt. Superior: 11,132 ft.”

Mt Hood: The Timberline Trail

A Very Wet Pacific Northwest Experience September 2018 Oh, hey there Oregon. Over the last few days, I took a short trip to Mount Hood to hike the Timberline Trail. The Timberline Trail is only a mere 40 miles long, circumnavigating the iconic Mt. Hood, just outside of Portland. It’s not a super easy one,Continue reading “Mt Hood: The Timberline Trail”

Colorado Trail: Post 9

San Luis Peak: 14,022 ft. While on trail, we decided to run up San Luis Peak…my first ever 14’er!! We were already most of the way up just by being on the trail itself. Just add a couple thousand more feet, and we’d be up there! The truth is, I almost didn’t do it! IContinue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 9”

Colorado Trail: Post 8

On Beetle Kill and Climate Change Look at this beautiful view. Then notice…the entire forest is dead. For the past week or so, there have been more and more views like this one. Beautiful vistas filled with dead trees. The cause? Beetle kill. I’ve been talking to locals about it for over a week now.Continue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 8”

Colorado Trail : Post 7

On Living Your Dream Cliche Travel Quote of the Day: “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” The thing about cliches, is a lot of the time,Continue reading “Colorado Trail : Post 7”

Colorado Trail: Post 6

The West Collegiates This post is a long one. There were a ton of wildfires when we started our hike, and hiking into Twin Lakes was our first real evidence of it. The wildfire happened to be a ways away, and the wind blew it into the valley. Smoke filled the entire area and hazeContinue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 6”

Colorado Trail: Post 5

Why Do I Come Out Here? Here’s a journal entry from a few days ago: “I’m thinking about all the things I am so so grateful for today, and it’s a good day, and it feels amazing and the weather is perfect and there’s a cool breeze and the flowers are blooming and the aspensContinue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 5”

Colorado Trail: Post 4

WILDFLOWERS, STORMS July 17, 2018 It’s getting quite beautiful out here. I picked July for this trail because I figured that’s when the wildflowers would be popping off. I was right! It’s been so gorgeous. The trail is lined w paintbrush of every shade and color, and smatterings of yellow, purple, blue and white areContinue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 4”

Colorado Trail: Post 3

100 Miles July 13, 2018 Made it to the 100 mile mark yesterday!! It’s gotten suuuper pretty lately, and with the help of some KT tape, my knees have been cooperating better than I could have ever hoped! I’m feeling strong, and hungry lol..People told me that the CT was not like the AT, inContinue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 3”

Colorado Trail: Post 2

When You Cannot Hike One More Step July 9, 2018 Last summer I had a weird knee injury that wouldn’t get better. I finally stopped hiking when winter arrived and it seemed like it improved. It’s been my biggest fear and concern for this adventure. By day 4, the ol’ knee wasn’t feeling too good.Continue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 2”

Colorado Trail: Post 1

On Thru Hiker Pain July 5, 2018 Within a few miles on The Colorado Trail, it became clear we were carrying too much stuff. It was so hot during the first stretch that we stopped by mile 1.5 to cool off. ONLY 1.5 MILES! I started feeling those familiar pains that I’d forgotten—the weight ofContinue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 1”

Canyon Clean Up Day!

Contrary to popular belief, throwing garbage out your window does NOT actually make it disappear. I picked up this garbage off of a stretch of road that was only 2/10 of a mile long….and only on one side of the road! Coffee cups, beer cans, slim Jim wrappers, energy drinks, all your typical “send fuel”Continue reading “Canyon Clean Up Day!”


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