Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho || June 2019

A couple of weeks after getting off the PCT, I was antsy as hell, sad, and more than a little stir crazy. So, we decided to go visit Idaho, which seems to be where I go whenever I’m injured. I also decided to use some of the money I’d saved for the trail to buy an inflatable kayak.

I love kayaking—but more than that, I love being on the water. It’s so damn peaceful, being way out there on a lake, floating on the waves, or reading a river, adjusting your course, even dodging rocks and fallen trees as you drift around a bend. You get to find these little secret spots, views that you feel no one else has seen before, places that are so untouched and isolated, you feel sure that no one else has been there.

I took some time to be on the water while in Idaho. While it’s not thru hiking, it’s been a good way to get out there, use my body, and stay off my foot. I was still taking things pretty easy on the foot for the duration of this trip, so it wasn’t too wild, but you don’t have to go far to find outrageously beautiful things in this place.

Idaho is a hidden gem of a state. If you like wilderness and public lands, it’s an absolute dream. Pristine crystal clear waters, majestic craggy mountains, beautiful pine forests, hot springs, waterfalls, white water rapids, it’s got it all. Every time I come to Idaho I become more and more obsessed with the place.

I also went on my first real hike since the foot injury! It was long, but mellow. Both my feet were sore by the end of it, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed—things are so far, so good! We did a bit of fly fishing on the famous Salmon River, but the water was pretty blown out and we didn’t catch much. It actually snowed on us, too, which was weird and unexpected, considering its June! The snow didn’t last too long, which I was grateful for. (Unexpected cold is my nemesis.) Any way you spin it, though, rain or shine, snow or heat, getting outside for 10 days was really wonderful.

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