Colorado Trail: Post 4


July 17, 2018

It’s getting quite beautiful out here. I picked July for this trail because I figured that’s when the wildflowers would be popping off. I was right! It’s been so gorgeous. The trail is lined w paintbrush of every shade and color, and smatterings of yellow, purple, blue and white are speckled over the landscape.

We waited 6 hrs for this storm to blow over, and then headed out for the pass. It was about 5 miles of being above the treeline, so waiting was definitely the safest option.

Post-storm hiking can be some of the most dramatic and beautiful hiking. The clouds are low and usually fast moving, and the light is filtered in beautiful and surreal ways. Plus the flowers love the rainstorms 🙂

Hiking over this pass was a super awesome experience. As I approached the top, the wind got colder and faster. You could see the clouds whipping over the pass like a vacuum, and slowly, step by step, I was up on the saddle. I whooped and hollered for joy as I popped over the top, cloud remnants above and below me moving and dancing right before my eyes, and a new view of mountains splayed out in front. Being in high winds always humbles me, and reminds me that I’m no bigger than an ant on this giant mountain face.

As we kept walking, the light shifted and put on a spectacular show.

Kokomo Pass… what a gorgeous day it had been. This was a long day, it was windy (the kind that hurts a little) and we didn’t finish until 10:30 at night. We were exhausted and hurting pretty good when we rolled into camp.
I’d been following some CDT hikers on social media and had seen their photos at Kokomo pass. I got to this sign and sort of got this feeling of the thru-hiker spirit in my soul 🙂 We had some of the most glittery incredible stars looking up through the trees that night, and then headed into Leadville the next day.

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