Colorado Trail: Post 3

100 Miles

July 13, 2018

Made it to the 100 mile mark yesterday!! It’s gotten suuuper pretty lately, and with the help of some KT tape, my knees have been cooperating better than I could have ever hoped! I’m feeling strong, and hungry lol.
People told me that the CT was not like the AT, in that there isn’t as much of a social scene. I have found this to be absolutely untrue this year. We have had a solid trail crew the entire time, and it feels very similar to the AT. Everyone takes care of one another. Because we’re all out here together (and suffering together and seeing earth shatteringly beautiful things together), theres a quickly obtained kinship and camaraderie with your trail friends that takes more time in the real world.

In many ways mentally, it feels like I never left the AT. Getting in the groove of moving your body across big spaces feels like falling right back in step. It’s kinda cool. Your stride automatically changes w the terrain, and I like feeling my feet and legs adjust accordingly, automatically, to the rocks and different terrain types. You just get into it and go.

You enter into this sort of meditative state. Breathing deeply, moving in step, taking in the physical sensations of your body, taking in the beautiful surroundings—for hours on end. And not just things seen, but the smells too. I wish I could bottle some of these mountain scents and send em to you all.

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Trail-name: Pocahontas Atlanta-native and based out of SLC, Utah. Appalachian Trail 2016, the Colorado Trail 2018, Timberline Trail 2018

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