Colorado Trail: Post 1

On Thru Hiker Pain

July 5, 2018

Within a few miles on The Colorado Trail, it became clear we were carrying too much stuff. It was so hot during the first stretch that we stopped by mile 1.5 to cool off. ONLY 1.5 MILES! I started feeling those familiar pains that I’d forgotten—the weight of a full resupply and full water on your back. The ache in your shoulders and neck. I’d totally forgotten about that lol.

Its safe to say I’ve forgotten how painful thru-hiking is, especially when you’re carrying too much like I am. I have about 4-5 lbs I’m planning to get rid of at the soonest opportunity.

A hiker I met on the AT (Mr Fantastic!) told me at the very start of the 2016 hike that on a thru hike, something is ALWAYS hurting. It’s not always the same spot, but will move around the body as you adjust. Sometimes it’s a knee, sometimes it’s a foot, sometimes it’s your back, sometimes it’s all 3 lol. But you get to see this kind of stuff and it’s totally worth it.

Bumble and Pantry hiking on the Colorado Trail

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