An Adventure at Red Pine Lake || May 2018

A Lesson on Keeping One Earbud Out

There are lots of beautiful colors setting into the melting ice up at Red Pine Lake. I came up to do this hike to find a little bit more solitude since most people tend to turn around when they hit the snow, and I loved it.

Fun story of the day: I had my headphones in while hiking down on the snow fields on my return from the lake. I was cruising to some Jerry Garcia, moving pretty light and quick when suddenly, I heard/felt a rumbling sound over my tunes. I stopped dead in my tracks and took my headphones out.

Oh no.

Underneath me was the sound of rushing water…a LOT of rushing water. I was on a snow bridge, probably had been for awhile, and from the sound of it, it wasn’t particularly thick.

I took one step to gingerly try and get off of the snow bridge and my foot broke through the snow as I sank all the way up to my hip! My leg submerged into icy cold snow melt water, soaking me up to my thigh! My leg was full on stuck in a snow hole. I tried to step up out of the hole with my other leg, but that started to break through the snow too! I had to belly crawl out so I didn’t cause more snow to break, and I grabbed onto a nearby tree to pull myself out of the danger zone.

I learned my lesson, keep one earbud out when hiking on melting snowfields. It was exciting to say the least.

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